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Message out of the future

Hello earthlings,

We came from a place where freedom was achieved a long time ago. From above we have been watching you human spirits yearning for liberty. We know where you came from and where you're heading. We have already been there, for we are your future.

The Uchronians
Jan Kriekels
Jan Kriekels - spiritual

Jan Kriekels: Philosopher and Art Director from Jaga and Uchronia

Jan Kriekels is the non-conventional entrepreneur. Coming from a background in anthropology he seeks ways to transcend the traditional views in industry, art and economy. Currently he sets out the lines for in Belgium. He is a huge promotor of the 'creative economy', letting people design their own products. Being the project's mecenas, Jan looks to Uchronia as being a symbol for the creative economy. Uchronia is but the start of a larger project involving all creative souls worldwide.